Perceptive 10 Cup Velocity Brew NHS Black Bunn Coffee Maker Updated review 2017

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A company that is more than 50 years is more than efficient at doing what they do best. BUNN coffee makers are no exception to this rule and the brewers that it manufactures these days are true marvels. One such product that we are here to discuss goes by name of 10 cup Velocity Brew NHS Black is a product to look forward to. Read on to know more about it.

Benefits of the 10 cup Velocity Brew NHS Black

Coffee brewers can be a lifesaver for many because they are easy to use. Moreover, you can get a few cups at one go that can save you additional time as well. Talking specifically about the BUNN 10 cup Velocity Brew, you can think along lines like these:

  • Can make 4 to 10 cups of coffee within a matter of 3 minutes
  • Saves both your effort and time
  • Use of stainless steel makes it sturdy
  • Highly portable
  • Is light in weight (8 pounds)
  • Manufactured by a brand like BUNN
  • Reasonable pricing

Features of the 10 cup Velocity

Yes, this brewer has its own set of features that make it worth every penny spent. The following pointers will give you a fair idea as to why BUNN is a leading manufacturer of coffee makers.

  • Design – The black body adds to its aesthetics and glossy finish makes it glamorous. It has been designed with a minimalist approach, but it does live up to be a BUNN. Its compact size can make 10 cups of coffee in a matter of 3 minutes. This proves it to be efficient as well as good looking.


  • Efficiency – Talking of which brings us to the fact that it is compliant with the North American Electrical Standards. This adds to its USP and this is why people buy it with confidence.


  • Performance – It has insides made up of stainless steel that helps it to brew faster and deliver as promised. This maintains the brewing temperature(200 degrees F)and helps you with faster servings.


Haters will hate and there is no dearth of such people. Businesses thrive on loyal patrons and not angry customers. They do everything possible to diminish hatred but there are some that will not give up on their habits. So, people have the brew to be fast and they don’t like it to be that fast. A few do not know how to adjust the coffee maker and they blame the company for making a machine without the carafe.These allegations do not hold true because BUNN would not be selling for more than 50 years.


The 10 cup Velocity Brew NHS Black is a brewer that delivers as it promises. To be more precise, this company called BUNN has never failed to live up to the expectations. It has been a market leader and the kind of products it designs clearly makes it evident. You just need to find out what your preferences are while you set to buy a coffee maker. Rest assured a BUNN will not let you down for sure.

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