Insightful BUNN 33200.0015 VPR-2GD 12-Cup Pourover Commercial Coffee Brewer with Upper and Lower Warmers and Two Glass Decanters, Black

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If you happen to love coffee then do not hesitate from buying the BUNN 33200.0015 VPR-2GD 12-Cup Pourover Commercial Coffee Brewer as it is perfect. With this neat gadget you can make approx 14.4 liters of coffee every hour. The outer body is made from very strong stainless steel and there is no doubt that it will last for a very long time to come. The best thing is that you do not have to indulge in special plumbing to install this coffee brewer. The machine is so light that it can be carried around without any problems Very easy to use all you have to is pour cold water and you are good to go. The coffee brewer has two warmers one for regular coffee and one for decaf. This kitchen appliance is very user-friendly and is totally worth the money. This product is already outselling all its competitors by a huge margin.

Benefits BUNN 33200.0015 VPR-2GD 12-Cup Pourover Commercial Coffee Brewer


  • The coffee brewer is very easy to use
  • Very light weight which makes it very portable
  • Cleaning the coffee machine is easy
  • The finishing of the coffee machine is top notch and it is built to last
  • The coffee brewer has a splash guard technology that will prevent any accidents caused by spillage.
  • The machine also comes with two decanters

Features of the BUNN 33200.0015

  • Good build: The coffee brewer is made from very strong Stainless steel so you can be assured that the product will last for a very long time to come. The internal components are also made from stainless steel and the exterior of the machine is shiny black
  • Great quality: The manufacturer has complied with the industry standards while manufacturing this wonderful product, so the quality is unmatched.
  • Very safe: Since the coffee maker uses a splash guard technology, as a user you can be assured that there will be no nasty spills
  • Easy installation and highly portable: The coffee brewer can be installed very easily and does not require and special plumbing. Since the machine is very portable you can carry it almost anywhere.
  • Good capacity: If coffee is your favorite beverage then you are certainly in for a treat, as this gadget has the capacity to make 14.4 liters of coffee within an hour.
  • Easy to use: This product has very simple controls that allow easy operation all you have to do is pour the correct amount of cold water and you can get started.


BUNN has been manufacturing coffee brewers for many years. But there are some customers who are not happy with the quality of the product. You cannot be discouraged by them into not buying the product. Overall the product has received rave reviews from the customers.


Looking at the wonderful features of the coffee brewer like BUNN 33200_0015 VPR-2GD 12-Cup Pourover Commercial Coffee Brewer from BUNN there is no denying that this coffee machine is well worth the money. So buy this product without any hesitation and you will not regret it at all.

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