A comprehensive review of the BUNN VPS 12-Cup Pourover Commercial Coffee Brewer, with 3 Warmers

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BUNN VPS 12-Cup Pourover Commercial Coffee Brewer

Looking for a neat gadget to make coffee for yourself and a few guests in the shortest time possible? Your search ends with the BUNN VPS 12-Cup Pourover Commercial Coffee Brewer. This is one efficient coffee brewer that can be used for both commercial and domestic usage; the machine has three warmers which mean you can make at least 3.8 gallons of coffee with this machine. The machine is built to last as it is constructed from sturdy stainless steel. The best part is that this requires no plumbing and is easy to set up. Simply add the required quantity of water and you are set to make coffee. The controls on this gadget are super easy and so it is an understatement by saying that this gadget is worth buying.

Benefits of the BUNN VPS 12-Cup Pourover Commercial Coffee Brewer

  • The gadget comes with a special splash guard that prevents nasty spills
  • The coffee brewer has three warmers that have separate controls
  • Very easy to use
  • The stainless steel body facilitates smooth cleaning
  • Very easy to install
  • Affordable compared to the other models in the market
  • The finishing of the product is very high class
  • The capacity of the coffee brewer is quite good as it can make 3.8 gallons of coffee every hour
  • The manufacturer offers two years of warranty on the body parts

Features of the product

  • Easy to operate: The coffee maker has very user-friendly controls and you can make coffee in a short time
  • Great finishing: The body is made from very sturdy stainless steel which makes it clear that the product is built to last.
  • Brand value: BUNN has been making such coffee machines over the years; this model is a huge improvement over its predecessors. So, in other words, this product is worth it.
  • Easy set up: Since this machine requires no plumbing setting up this gadget is a walk in the park for anybody
  • Good capacity: If you loved serving coffee to a large crowd then this gadget is for you as it can make 14.4 liters of coffee in an hour’s time.


The only downside of this product is that it does not come with decanters but that does not mean you should not buy this product. Overall customers are very happy with the product and have given it five-star ratings. In other words, there is no reason why you should not go ahead and buy this wonderful product.


So if you go through the benefits and features of this wonderful product you will that it is something that should not be missed out on. This product is quite affordable and has good features for the price it is being sold at. In other words, the BUNN VPS 12-Cup Pourover Commercial Coffee Brewer is a product that is worth buying as its quality is unmatched, it simply breathes good taste into every cup of coffee you make.

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